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Europe map, is 6th largest of the map continents, and includes 46 countries, and a few dependencies, territories and regions. In exacting geographic definitions, Europe is really not a continent, but part of the Euroasia peninsula, which includes all of Europe map and Asia. However, we refer to it as an individual continent. The Eastern European included are those countries that are reside in the Eastern portion of Europe map. These countries are ‘Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Moldova. Many people would Eastern Europe map to be all those countries East of Germany and Poland.

Europe map Size: 9,938,000 sq km - 3,837,081 sq miles | Europe's population: 727,000,000

Western Europe map at its most general meaning means all the countries in the West of Europeean continent. Countries described as Western European are: Spain, France, England, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, Denmark, Sweeden, Germany, Norway, Greece, Austria etc. The concept of Western Europe is also associated with liberal democracy; its countries are generally deemed to be well within the cultural hegemony of the United States map of America. Click on Western Europe Map or list of countries to find travel guides, tourist information, attractions, geography, community & tourism web sites for all countries.

A trip to the Netherlandswill be a memorable one. There is so much in this tiny little country which was the home of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The town of Arnhem was home to the Bridge too far and a visit to Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is a must see. Smsterdam is one of the most important cultural centres within Europe map. Get around Amsterdam to explore this Europe's great city.With around 75 festivals all over the year held in the city Amsterdam’s reputation as a city of Festivals is justly deserved.
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In Europe map you can explore a new city every year you go. You can walk the ancient streets of Greece and the next experience a fashionable cafe in Budapest There are numerous popular holiday destinations in Europe but many people are now choosing to Travel in Greece as a preferred choice. Turkey is still a developing area in Europe, with great plans for the future.

Europe is one of the most sought travel destinations around the world. It testifies a perfect blending of culture and fashion. It is a dream destination for the romantic couples and at the same time for the art and culture lovers. A home of great historical origin, Europe map offers plenty of natural sights, which also attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. There are a number of famous places in Europe such as Italy, Greece map, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Scotland and many more.
The European cities like Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Athens, Amsterdam, Florence, Moscow, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Vatican City offer interesting sites for the worldwide travelers. All the cities in Europe map are connected with roadways and airways. Other tourist infrastructure such as hotels, tour services, restaurants are varied, and provide options for nearly all budgets
Take a foray into Eastern Europe map to see how the medieval and baroque masterpiece city of Prague has come roaring out from behind the defunct Iron Curtain to become one of Europe’s greatest destinations. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of Europe’s most (deservedly) popular regions. The Spanish capital of Madrid also grabs you with its museums, from the masterworks in the Museo del Prado to Picasso’s Guernica in the Reina Sofia. Last, but certainly not least, head off to the heart of the Mediterranean, the ancient Greek capital of Athens Greece, a sprawling modern city with the ruins of the 2,500 years old Parthenon

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